Daniel Halsey is a designer, a story teller, a writer, and creator of relationships. He uses lighting to create the relationships, composition builds the appeal and final edits clean the image for an easy read. Life and images are a series of verbs connected to tell a story. Every subject is in a relationship and it is the relationships that defines the subject. The context of the image lies with the agency the viewer imposes. All our prospects have agency, preconceived expectations we need to surpass and delight with a new story, exceeding the expected outcome. We want to extend the gaze of our viewer, draw them into a greater experience as they witness the quality of the imaging and the subject. Texture, color, highlights and shadows project the image off the page and into the long term memory.

The designer's life is one of opportunity. Designing systems for efficient use of space and content. Content is the message to be delivered, design is the vehicle by which it is delivered. Clients are responsible for content,

designers for design and delivery, but is is not an exclusive relationship. The options need to be presented to the client so they can compare the opportunities for their message.

The creative process is inclusive of all parties. We have a good time.

Dan has co-authored three books on sustainable package design, graphic design, and ecological design.