SouthWoods Center for Ecological Design


Dear Daniel,

Thanks for the wonderful class...

Everybody plans and thinks for future...but this class has given a holistic view...and shown the reality...the things I used to consider...achievements in my capacity building...are turning out to be highly vulnerable...
Once again thanks for making me have a wholistic view at my life and my future...

Vinit Jain

Jakart, Indonesia

Comments from the Homestead Design Series

1. What did you find most interesting/useful?
-Great class, polyculture key elements
-lots of interesting stuff, great talk


Thanks again for all your support, inspiration and cooperation through your very own -authentic- sustainability example, every time.  Thanks for acknowledging my vision, coming from your own awaken awareness, sharing full trust, seeing what I see and helping me shape and manifest this and other sustainability ideas for the twin cities!

Paola Diaz

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dear Daniel

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this class but I must say that it's been great. I plan on continuing my research into Permaculture.

Thanks again for all your help and insight. I'm sure we'll be in touch again.

What I walk away from this course is a fantastic introduction and accomplishment that I once again found my connection to nature. This time around though, I've gained a deeper understanding of the complexity of living in such a system rather than it merely providing for me. I have already started some fundamental permaculture applications and only look to further them as time goes on.

 Carlos Pena

Miami, Florida

Dear Dan

I had a great time in this class. -


Kelly Kokaisel

Hopkins, MN

Thanks Dan for an interesting and really quite life changing 5 weeks!

- Susan Crow

Northfield, MN

Dear Dan

The weekend was really enjoyable. My appetite is whetted to learn more.

Touring (and grazing) your site was a high-point for me. Phrases (mnenomics) like "chop and drop" will help me to remember----oh, yeah, instant green mulch---don't remove it even to the compost pile!             -


Rebecca Cramer

Minneapolis, MN

Hi Dan

Great to meet you, and to visit your beautiful place. The class was  
helpful in reminding me of things I have studied, making me aware of  
things I knew nothing about and in stimulating new questions. How  
could it be better than that!

Nancy Ward

Minneapolis, MN

Dear Dan

Thanks so much for such a thorough and informative introduction to permaculture and for opening your home to us.   ...I am an extremely hands-on, visual learner, so the format was perfect for me. I had been reading all of the major permaculture books, but only about a quarter of it was sinking in.

I thought the walking tour of the homestead was invaluable---a very practical application and display of the concepts we talked about. In fact, the walks, accompanied by your explanations and our questions might have ben the most useful part of the program in terms of very down to earth application of ideas.    -

Chrisopher Arigo

Los Angeles, California

Dear Dan,

With great thanks to you, we did it!  We raised our Partnership Garden!
Like the barn raisings of earlier days, we came together and from a bare plot of land, raised our garden up in a single day! About forty of us did the most incredible job getting this garden raised on our garden site. What a great sense of team work! Everyone contributed so much to the effort - from designing the garden, to gathering cardboard, to offering storage, sharing tools, hoses and expertise, brush hogging, sourcing and ordering supplies, picking out fencing and hauling it to the site, ordering food, making coffee, making brownies and cookies, renting the post hole auger, binging the most awesome team of Boy Scout volunteers and their incredible dads into the work day, others bringing spouses, partners and friends to help, donating money, taking pictures and on and on. I think we all felt a sense of pride when seeing it standing at the end of the day. And to top things off, just as the last of us were packing up to leave, an eagle circled round and round above our circle garden and then flew off into the eastern sky. A job well done.
My heartiest thanks to you for all you did to make this happen! You inspired us and helped us see the kind of garden we wanted was possible. You created our garden design and then even helped install it, “raise it” as you so aptly called it. You shared the goals behind this new style mandala garden with SES and our team and helped us understand the basis of permaculture. You were so always willing to take my phone calls, helping with all the little details on land prepping, fencing, and on and on. You were a blessing to us in so many ways. We will be looking for ways to “give back” to you in the months ahead.
Thanks again for your incredible contribution to this Partnership Garden. As Mayor Mary said so well, we are creating a legacy. And we know this garden will grow many good things for our community.
From my heart, my warmest thanks,    

Pat Schoenecker
The Partnership Garden

Apple Valley, Minnesota

Dear Dan

Thanks for all you do to further community gardens in our communities and all you have done to help us with our garden!
All the best,

Apple Valley,  MN  8/2011