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With the hold on most of our projects and postponement of international travel, we are opening live, online sessions for training. This is an important time to develop our skills hello design solutions so we can be ready when called to help Bring sustainable resilience to our communities. Food production is going to be an important activity for all communities this summer. Also we want to develop our landscapes with good design principles. 


Join us on-line or on-site for an intense, life and career changing event. Designs for resilience can be many acres or a homestead food forest.

Each site has its own design solution to deliver the needed food, fibers, medicines, biodiversity, and higher capacity for increased harvest each year. Each site design is site and client specific. The process delivers that!

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Internationally Accredited Permaculture Designer Certification and Homestead Development

Thinking seriously about permaculture as a lifestyle? This is the course for you. Taught by professional designers living the principles and ethics of permaculture on progressively self-sustaining homesteads.  Learn and study in a warm and reflective setting of SouthWoods with designated work spaces, drafting tools, digital and library resources, and the Natural Capital Plant Database.

This is an internationally accredited Permaculture Designer Certification Course.

This a miniumum of 72+ hours of instruction by approved instructors delivering the designer curriculum of Bill Mollison, the founder of Permaculture, and guided by the standards of the Permaculture Research Institute. Plus an emphasis on design skills for strategy and planning your landscape.


 Included in the 10 day course is:

  • 72+ hours of intensive instruction Course Outline
  • Large work spaces and professional tools
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Classroom Snacks
  •                       including Kombucha and Kefir
  • Small class sizes (12 max.) with like minded classmates
  • Complete topical presentations with exercises and tasks
  • All documentation and a binder for notes and further study
  • Paper and a carrying tube for personal designs when you leave.
  • A one year full access to the Natiral Capital Plant database
  • Personal consultations and advanced topics upon request.
  • Personal research opportunities and reading assignments
  • Tours of local permaculture sites and nurseries.
  • Hand-on construction of human powered mechanisms.
  • Nighty DVD presentations and camp fires (optional)
  • Quiet study areas and natural spaces of solitude

The Designer Manual, process guides, site assessment tools, and materials will be supplied.

Each participant paying fully by check will recieve the Bill Mollison book "Permaculture, A Designers Manual" $104.00 value, free

Meals: Fruit, snacks, breads, and drinks will be provided. Bring your lunch and something to share. Dinner will be a group gathering at a local cafe or pub.

Lodging: None commuting students - Lodging is available at additional cost. Please inquire as to your needs.

Free tenting areas and lodging available FCFS.



Each student will recieve Mollison's Permaculture Designer Manual, a copy of Integrated Forest Gardening, one year designer access to the Natural Capital Plant Database, and  authenticated certificates from the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (upon completion of the course).

Course Fee Structure: (Pay by check and save $40.00)

Course Fee: $1,500 per person, $1400 for earlybirds(5), $2700 for couples

Check the calendar for dates.

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Transport: Pick-up at Amtrak train depot and MSP airport (arranged in advance)

Discounts: SouthWoods PDC graduates attend all further courses save 50%* plus materials and expenses. Two daily meals provided. Light breakfast, lunch, and group organized dinner.

Work Share arrangements can be made hour for hour with approved residential interns.