SouthWoods Center for Ecological Design

Geodesic Dome Canopy for Drylands and Cold Climates

In dry climates this geodesic dome is partially covered with shade cloth acts as a temporary over story for establishing tree and shrub polycultures. The modular dome can be relocated for a new system as trees grow and create the micro-climate for their associated species. In cold climates it is used with poly plastic for seson extension.

 The span of the dome can reah more than 30 feet across depending on materials used. Single point fastening is preferred to ensure structural integrity and the least amount of torque stress on joints. This uses fewer parts and is faster to assemble.  An 11.8 foot radius dome (using 10 foot stock conduit)  can be built for lass than $200 in materials.  

   4v structure    

    Single Point Connector                              Large 4v Style                      3v Style                            3v 24 Foot  Diameter Dome