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With the hold on most of our projects and postponement of international travel, we are opening live, online sessions for training. This is an important time to develop our skills hello design solutions so we can be ready when called to help Bring sustainable resilience to our communities. Food production is going to be an important activity for all communities this summer. Also we want to develop our landscapes with good design principles. 


Join us on-line or on-site for an intense, life and career changing event. Designs for resilience can be many acres or a homestead food forest.

Each site has its own design solution to deliver the needed food, fibers, medicines, biodiversity, and higher capacity for increased harvest each year. Each site design is site and client specific. The process delivers that!

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Adobe Illustrator Training for

Professional Ecological and Permaculture Design

An intensive course with instruction for learning Advanmced Design, Adobe Illustrator skills, and work flow.


This is a comprehensive training to develop digital design and ecological concepts into science supported systems and professional graphics for professional ecological and permaculture design.

This is the entire two-week digital design course online. It is formatted to be done at your own pace with weekly live consultations, Q&A, and added video content to demonstrate specific tasks.  This is a living and dynamic course. New content is added continually and available to all students, past and present. Case studies are added in real time as United Designers Teams work around the world. 

Full professional resources for a complete design process learning experience.

Sector Map      

Assessment Data Table, Symbols and Templates, Client Guide, Dropbox Folders, and Plant Database

Once you have taken this course, either on-site or online, you are welcome to attend any other on-site course greatly reduce cost as long as you agreed to help new students with their learning (this is of course depending upon space and availability of seats).

  • A trial version of AI can be downloaded at:

  • Students will have access to tutorials, example files, templates, symbol libraries, take home exercises, importable survey graphics, and much more.  AND a pro subscription to the Natural Capital Plant Database. 

   Then... Join United Designers on our global quest to heal the planet and build capacity for all cultures where-ever we are called. Recent work has been in Haiti, Senegal, Liberia, Hawaii (that was fun)...and the USA and Canada too! Prospective projects are on deck for Egypt, Poland, Tanzania, and the Pacific. We work as a team and we hope you will join us. Real project are the best way to learn.

 Sample course video here soon


Instructor: Daniel Halsey, MPS, Certified Designer and Teacher of Permaculture Design

Schedule:  At your own pace.

Loosely listed due to a constant addition of materials and content. There are over 72 instructional videos from 5 minute tasks to 90 minute design skills and process lectures. More being added all the time.

Design Theory Module 1   Introduction to Design Process.  Pro Standards and Practices.

Smart Design Module 2    1st, where are we? In time, condition, latitude, ecology, climate...

Digital Design Module 3    Opening Files, Basic Tools, Layers, and Software Operation 

Digital Design Module 4    Using Tools, Workspace, and Building the Digital Base Map

Digital Design Module 5    More Building the Base Map & Adding Soil Maps

Digital Design Module 6    Merging Screen Grabs, Using Layers, Adding Topography

Digital Design Module 7    Plants Systems, Selection, Symbols, and the Draft Design

Digital Design Module 8    The Final Draft Design, the Key, Plant Lists, Call Outs, & Output . 

Digital Design Module 9    The Deliverable Design and Design Report


Digital Design 1:  Design Theory: Ecological Design, Data Mining, Good Practices

A series of ecological design lectures for sustainable and ecologically supported solutions.

Digital Design 2 : Smart Design.

Following a process and the patterns to detail philosophy  helps bring information needed to make good design solutions.


Digital Design 3: Basic tools, layers, and software operation
Overview- The structure and features of AI and how we it them in design. Assignment:  Practice symbols and graphic styles. Gather ecological data for the Data Table.

Digital Design 4: Using Tools, Workspace, and the Digital Base Map
Tool Practice: Tools, Using Google Earth for aerials. Making Landscape Symbols, Importing your resource files and base map to the title block.

Assignment: Trace a placed aerial screen grab of your land or a nother area.

Digital Design  5 : Building the Base Map & Soil Maps
Finding all the elements, creating soil maps, and placing art.

Digital Design 6: Supervised Work Session for Designs. The Key, Plant Lists, Call Outs, Output and Narratives

Style Demo, Practice and Exercise Session. Assignment - Complete draft design Demonstration: Calculating spaces and materials wih Acrobat. 

Digital Design 7:  Plants, Symbols, and Design  

Delving into the plant database, plant mechanisms and lists, Ecological Functions & Human Uses.  Using symbols and making other artwork.

Digital Design 8:  The Final Draft Design

Following the functional spaces of the bubble/concept map, we refine and fill the spaces with the appropriate elements. Confirm width, type, and surface for the access paths, road, gates, and clearance. Add plant symbols to the design and create common groups.  

Digital Design 9  The Final Deliverable Design and Report

Counting the plants and calculating materials. Labeling the design elements and creating other graphics to show the relationships and resouces.

Materials List: Laptop PC or Mac, Updated Adobe Illustrator Software, Plant Database Access (supplied), Printer,  Adobe Acrobat for PDFs, Internet Access, & Drop Box® Access Account (No iPads or Surface PCs). Digitizing pad recommended.

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Three levels to join:

  1. UD Pro-Partner, Career Development Access, and Live Training Session 3X per week.
  2. Full Design Course Access, Mentoring, and Design Resource Access (No live access)
  3. Video Training Library Only (no documentation, resources, or mentoring)   ***************
Digital Design & Professional Practices